i am a man.should i get my nipples pierced?!


Only if it looks good.

and will attract girl!

Other Answers:
only if your gay

only if it makes you feel better about yourself.

Only if you want other men to notice you.

I can PROMISE you. that it hurts like hellllll!

it doesnt matter what gender you are. do it if it'll feel good.

sure if you are a raving bandit

hmmmm, i think if you have the body to show it off, one might be cool, but both nipples..nah, not cool

YES .it is very sexy

One of my friends does, he is not gay and did not make him any less manly, it's just a matter of being comfortable with what you want and knowing what's right for you. Before you do though, consult on ways to keep the area of being infected, other then that, Go For It!

Don't get your nipples or your tongue pierced. Your not a girl.
Shower often and wear cologne. That's a man.

You could do that, but my guy friend who did was at a party where people were drinking, and some other guy pulled off one of his nipple rings.it did not look very pleasant.

Good luck though! :)
Drunk people act stupid

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