Is it safe to bleach your teeth if you have crowns? Will they be ok?!

I have three crowns at the moment (soon to get two more), and I'm not sure if they'll bleach or fall out or something. help?

They wont fall out, however, they also wont bleach. If they are porcelain crowns then the dentist matched the shade of porcealin to your shade of teeth, if you bleach your teeth they will become a different shade but your crowns will reamin the same shade.
Also, yes it is safe.

Other Answers:
you can bleach your teeth but the crowns will not bleach to any other color they will remain the same color, no your crowns will not fall a dental assistant.

Yes, it is safe to whiten your teeth if you have crowns, but as stated by others, they will not get lighter. Good luck.
Dental Assistant

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