My sinus' are really bothering me, what can I take or do to help them?!

I have been getting sinus migrane's and I need to take or do something to stop them. I can't handle the pain anymore. Medicine taken over the counter and prescription drugs aren't helping anymore.
I have da same problem. I take 800 mg ibuprofen w/ my imitrex and for my sinus I take this medicine called Loratidine(sp) I haven't had problems since I been taking it.

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Only a doctor will help the way it should

Try seeing an osteopath! Seriously - cranial osteopathy is the only thing that helps me, as it helps get the sinus "pumps" working with a kind of jump start. I've had all the pills & potions, tonsells out, sinus washes, sinuses widened and acupuncture. trust me - it's worth looking into.

Excedrine Migraine is awesome for sinus pain. Take them in combination with Allegra or an allergy medicine and give it a few days and it should improve.
Lots of personal experience.

Alavert-D works well for me, but you might want to see a doctor to make sure you don't have a sinus infection.

try Bengal to help with the watery itchy eyes, stuffy nose. or try taking a steamy shower that should probably work, also try vapor rub or some type of menthol medicine to help you feel better.

take excederine migrane they work great. a hot steamy shower works good for me or take some icy hot and rub it on your forhead. vick's vapor rub works good to. try sneezing, it helps release the pressure.

You need a good decongestant--so if you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, ask the pharmacist for OTC decongestants such as CORICIDIN HBP.

If you are otherwise HEALTHY try VICKS SINEX as a decongestant and then back that up with TYLENOL SINUS to relieve the headache. I get them all the time during this season, it's the only thing I use, beside taking my daily ALAVERT. If you have been experiencing this for some time, I would recommend going to the DR and getting some antibiotics, if it just started-just follow the above and drink plenty of HOT LIQUIDS---stay away from COLD DRINKS while you are experiencing headaches and pressure.

Take Alavert daily
Vicks Sinex, when you are severely congested
Tylenol Sinus when you feel the pressure

try using a neti pot - they are awesome! Can be found at Fresh Fields or probably your local healthfood store. Sounds weird but it works.

Take a hot shower, relax for a couple days, drink camamile tea, and take this medicine it works wonders..oscillococcinum.y. can take the whole tube of prills but if you take 3 everyday you'll stay healthy!!

You really should see an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctor, because you may have severe allergies, chronic sinus infection (antibiotic resistant) and/or sinus polyps.

If you have polyps, you may have an infection in there that isn't draining/drying up due to the polyps blocking normal openings. You will need to rinse your nose/sinuses daily with saline solution (try Simply Saline spray) and probably a steroid treatment (like Flonase) to help shrink your polyps.

It is important to have an allergy test to find out what might be triggering your symptoms. I also suffer from chronic sinus pain, infections and polyps. I recently found out that I am highly allergic to dustmites and "dust proofing" (slipcovering, staying on top of cleaning and using quality air filters) has improved my quality of life markedly. I have also had sinus surgery to remove the polyps (which was VERY painful), but they have since grown back.

An Otolaryngologist (ENT) will be able to help you!

Take care and good luck!
Bad, bad sinuses.

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