Are Kidney beans fattening or healthy for you??!

For that matter, what about beans in general? Other than the obvious "gas" problem associated with them..I love them, but I am trying to watch my weight..
Beans are a good source of protein.

Other Answers:
Beans are good sources of fiber.

All foods should be eaten in moderation.

Most beans, including kidney beans, are indeed very healthy for you. They contain a lot of protein and several essential vitamins and minerals. Beans are also naturally low in fat content, which is good for certain types of weight watching diets, but this also depends on how they're cooked or served (in oil or butter would raise the fat content). Also, beans by themselves are rarely the cause of gas problems. Sometimes it is what accompanies the beans that causes the production of gas in the digestive system- like the brown sugar-bacon sauce in baked beans, or the meat and spices in chili.

Kidney beans are one of the healthiest foods. Anything natural is good for your body.

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