any one know what a normal cholesterol reading is?!

if so could you please give me (uk) figuires

Other Answers:
If i remember correctly it is 150. Less is better but not too low, like 80.

Oh, and i don't know if these are UK figures :D

Adult levels should be below 200.

I don't know UK figures and I'm wondering why you would go to a US site to find this out. Hmmm. However, I'll give you the normal range for a lipid panel. Cholesterol: less than 200 mg/dL, LDL: 60-180 mg/dL, HDL: 30-80 mg/dL and Triglycerides: 40-150 mg/dL. These figures are based on a fasting blood draw.

200 or below.
I had my cholesterol checked.

A normal total cholesterol level is 150 - 199 fasting.

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