Soap or shower gel/creme?!

For showering.
shower gel all the way, soap dries out the skin sometimes, shower gel gives you some moisture. Also, for me, it lathers up more easily, more fun in the shower!

Other Answers:
My advise is to avoid all products containing any chemicals, that just about eliminates any product that you can purchase off a chemist or supermarket shelf! A chemical free body wash or soap is my advise. Miessence makes a beautiful body wash, makes you feel like a million dollars. If you find it too expensive then go for a olive oil soap from the health food store, they also have a good range of alternatives, remembering to avoid chemicals at all costs. Remember the skin is the biggest organ in the body and it absorbs anything, it doesn't discriminate. Be conscious of what you put on it.

Shower gel is the best, and makes you smell lovely!

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