i got a deep cleaning/scaling done any advice?!


Your'e clean Baby; a new start. Yahooo!

Advice OK here goes-
OK as soon as you can in a day or two start brushing the gums. Buy 10 rolls of DENTAL TAPE (not dental floss), Spread em out. Your desk, your car, at the office, tape a pack to the remote, tape one the your monitor, the eliptical, etc. . . Out of sight out of mind. Start flossing, When you go for your 1 month evaluation which I'm sure your dentist scheduled you for. You will smile he will poke your gums and there wont be any blood! whoopee.

Dental tape is great its thick so it don't break easy. Floss is too thin it breaks and is too thin to get through those tight spots.

Congradulations on your clean start, keep up the good work!
Good Luck,

Other Answers:
If you are currently experiencing discomfort, rinse your mouth out with warm salty water or get some Savocol from the chemist. It is normal to have some soreness for the first few days if the clean was very deep under the gums, keep in mind it will all be worth it after the discomfort has gone.

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