Guys only, pls answer this.(pls read on)?!

I'm having problem with my penis. Guys who experienced it, please help me. I dont want to ask friends, brothers, cousins or even doctors or anyone for opinion. It's embarassing.

Here's my problem. Which way should my penis point in underwear? Up or down? I feel more comfortable pointing up but then it really hurts painfully when it erects. I'm not circumcised so, when it erects, some hair tend to get caught between the foreskin and the head. During erection, my hair got "pulled" and it really hurts. Guys who experienced it please help.

I'm being serious and any dumb answers will be reported.
Point it up would be best. I feel most comfortable pointing up. Point it down would just hurt when you get erection. May be not much but hurt a little but it's like breaking your penis off. If pointing up with your hair caught in the skin, point it down, it's up to you. But to point it up and not get caught in the skin, would be best if you trim your hair. Not shave it but trim it. Alternatively, just try to position it properly while wearing your underwear. Do you get erection just anywhere and it hurts? I would suggest going to public toilet to "adjust" it and re-position your penis and the hair. and wait till erection goes off. You're situation is weird and . funny. ROFL.

Other Answers:
try trimming the hair.don't shave it all the way but just trim it..and there isn't a certain way your penis should point in underwear.whatever makes you comfortable

you know what.. shaving might be a good option.. then maybe you can feel comfortable without any hair problems.. atleast makes me feel a lot comfortable

You should always try to open and close the cover and it will fix up your prob in a 10 days.

I point it downwards, I ve also had that problem with my pubs getting caught by my foreskin and my head

heres a tip buzz your pubs, i do

shave hairs and don't wear underwear for some time. you will find the problem solved.

its upto u ,the way u r best comfortable,but try to avoid tight pants,try to controll ur emotions,erections generally hapeen at home,do u have erection anytime?if yes then wear boxers,u can also trim the hair

Wow. Not cicumsized. I guess I'm not really qualified to answer this since I am, but here goes: First thing you need to do is get a GOOD "plug in" trimmer. Like, for hair cuts and such. Trim your pubic hair weekly, with NO GUARD. This will be like a buzz cut. Keep it short, especially with summer coming on (if you are in the northern hemisphere). Powder regularly to prevent itching and zits and things of that nature. I also recommend trimming your armpit hair. Keeping it "buzz" short will do AMAZING things for your sweaty/smelly complex. I trim mine about every two weeks and it really helps to keep the stink off. Next. as far as which way to point your dick in your underwear I can only say that THAT IS YOUR OWN PREFERENCE. I can't give advice on that s*it. My dick points slightly DOWN during erection, which is considered "abnormal", as most point slightly "up". Everyone's different. Don't you have a girlfriend to consult for this type of problem? I would take it up with her. You'd be surprised how good a woman's advice can be. -beaver (Rock Island, Illinois)

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