What do you know about migraine headaches?!

Please tell me how you know this and what your experience is.
It is a paroxysmal(on + off) headache. The symptom usually abating completely between attacks. Episodes vary in frequency. Sometimes preceeded by premonitary symptoms or aura.
How do i know?
I'm a doctor. and i has this problem.

Other Answers:
migrane headaches are when the vains and blood vessels in your brain dilate and too much blood rushes thru and thats what the pain is the best thing to take is an anti infflmatory or a vaso dilater which basically means closing the vain i have migranes alot and you have to figure out what triggers them foods, chemicals,alchol lots of things

i know they have all sorts of different causes (triggers). light, sound, smell, food, caffeine, etc. and are easily confused with just plain headaches. they can last from hours to days. some people vomit when they have them. they are so horrible that all you want to do is collapse in the pitch black dead silence and sleep. they are so painful they make you incapable of doing anything else.

i know this because i get them periodically. my triggers are bright light, perfumes, and certain combinations of food, like salmon and sourdough bread.

for some people caffeine causes the headaches, but for others it helps. a hot bath and a soda relieve some of the pain for me, but that doesn't last long before i'll have to go to bed. mine never last more than 15 hours, unless i don't get to sleep the whole thing off, and in that case i'll have a sore head the next day.

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