is 5"3 a normal hieght for a gonna turn 15 year old in 2 months GIRL? or is!


That is about average, but you most likely will grow another inch or two. You'll stop growing taller when you reach pubuerty. If height is your concern, excercise and eat a healthy diet. A few extra pounds will show on you, so make certain you excersie regularly. An overweight body always looks shorter than a slim build.

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Yes it is average. Why does it matter what your height is? I'm 5'4" and that works for me!

that is pretty average, maybe an inch or two short

its prolly just average. im 6'3 and am 15 and im a girl, its just different genes.

Depending on your genetics, that may be as tall as you get. You probably won't stop growing until about 21, so make sure you are taking care of your body. Get as much calcium and protein and fiber as you can. Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs! Enjoy being 15 sweetheart, it doesn't last long! Good luck, and I hope you are happy with your height, I'm sure you're a beautiful girl.

Yes, it's pretty average. I'm 16 and I am 5"2.

Definition of normal: No disease involved. Check with the height of your parents. If you are pretty close to your parent's height at 16, you're ok. You'd probably grow a little bit more in the next 2-3 years.

Definition of average: The average of all the girls your exact same age.

While you might be a little below average for your age, I think you are still normal expecially if your parents are just a little bit taller (less than a foot taller) than you are.

I hit 5'3" when I was 12 and stopped growing althogether then. I believe average is 5'5" for women, so you're not that much under the average. Afterall, it wouldn't be an average if there weren't some of us on the shorter end :)

It does not matter everyone is different some are tall and bony like me and some are short and chubby and some are short and bony and some are tall and chubby and some are muscular and some are tan and some are long and some are wide EVERYONE SI DIFFERENT!

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