What multivitamin supplements do you take?!

What brands are good?
Vitality for life from Melaleuca. They are patented and have a 90 day Satisfaction Guarentee. Try and find another scientific patent like this one in a vitamin.

Other Answers:

I don't take any but my mom takes some thing a lot of vitamins i think it is carbstmart once daily.

vit E and C,good combination,but actually if you think you are fit and healthy,you really don't need vitamins.that's my doctor's advice.

Viactive and Caltrate (it is possible to take them at the same time; Caltrate is mainly for calcium).

I take vitamin supplements from Herbalife. I like there vitamines because you take them three times a day. I mean think about it. We are supposed to eat three times a day and we should take are supplements three times a day. I believe that on one a day vitamins that you pass them in three to four hours and that is it.

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