what do i do to be more muscular and more length?!

I am afraid of my weight, structure and my muscles. I am too small than i should be considering my age.
we build muscles by stressing them out. lift some weights or play more. i have no idea about the height thing though. i'm guessing that's generic. but you can do exercises for your back & shoulder muscles to give you better posture- that would make you appear taller. in any case, holding your head high always helps.

Other Answers:
I have the same problem!

if you are old enough “lets say over 21” <like me>, forget about the height “like I did”, focus on gaining muscle, why don’t you try body building?

to be more length:try playing basketball & riding foot bicycles. to be more muscules:try body building(use a gym)

tie a heavy stone to your legs and hang from a cliff..do it 2 hours daily

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