what is the fastest way to have my hair grow long and strong?!

i have somewhere special to go in 2 months and i want my hair to be longer..suggestions?
Apply olive oil to the base of the hair especially near the roots of the hair before going to bed and try washing your hair regularly in the morning.This way your hair would get good nourishment and it would grow.

Other Answers:
Drink milk, and eat more dairy products. the secret is in the calsium

you may also ask you doctor for some vitamins and pills that may help you

Vitamins (B-complex, Biotin). There are usually pills which are specially formulated for hair and nails (since they contain the same protein called keratin). You might still need to cut it a bit to avoid split ends, and you can use shampoo and conditioner adapted to your hair (ask your hair stylist).

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