I can't control my Sexual desire.What I can do?!

I am a single man .I have a strong sexual desire,I must self-abuse once two or three days.sometime, I even do it each night.Every time I wate up in mid-night,Icoudn'n sleep again without self-abuse.
the attitude that it is self abuse has you feeling some form of guilt of you would not feel its abuse that atitude has created this thrill that youve either become addicted to or feel ashamed of you need to revaulate your defination of masturbation masturbation is not a sin when tye "book" refers to spilling seed it refers to coitus interruptus "pulling out" before you ejaculate during vaginal sex so rub one off and enjoy it dont feel guilty at least your not having extramaritl sex which by the way is forbiddin by "the book"

Other Answers:
get neutered.

Do what you gotta do, bro. A wise man once said, "if only it were as easy to dispel hunger by rubbing the belly!" If it's truly taking over your life, you might want to talk to your doctor.

depo-provera shots for men can lower their drive

You sound like a normal healthy young man.

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