Makeup (eye shadow) tips ?!

I have pale skin and hazel eyes.
What would be a great combanation of eyeshadow to bring out the color of my eyes.
I have hazel eyes and I tend to use greens and browns to bring out the color. Blues and purples also work well for me. For some really nice color combinations try the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover You select the model that best represents your hair and eye color and skin tone.

Other Answers:
glitter grey
gee nvm
dont know

green @@ shimmery

I would try a light pink or purple and if that still dont look right to you do a light brown and a pale pink together looks great.

the first shade on the eyelid should be cream color then on the top part of the lid brown with black mascara

I use natural colors. for everyday..
for a more dramatic look like night time.. I use a color called onyx from Mary Kay.. the real key is to use a makeup brush for applying eyeshadow and blend.. well.

use brown color in your eyes and black eye liner.put a mascara!

the point is, always use dark color to reveal your eye color.add some natural right on your eye sheath (just a lil). use natural color also on your lip for lipstick.

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