Since I already have mild depression and taking prozac, if I get pregnant will I!

Should I be worried? Can I still take my antidepressants (Prozac-generic) if I get pregnant? I am married and considering children but worry about the possibly of postparum depression.
Postpartum depression is different than depression. It's brought on by different things entirely and no one really know who it's going to effect and how. As far as the meds go, I don't think you can take them while pregnant, but you most definitely want to check with your Dr. on that. I understand your concerns. I suffered depression for years and thought I was 'better' until after I had my first child and the world seemed to crash in. It's terrifying, but there is a good part to this. You are aware that it could be a problem for you and you'll know to be monitored and know to ask for help. I didn't know how to reach out so I suffered with it for a while until it subsided. You can be smarter than that and be proactive about your depression - you don't have to let it run your life. Go ahead - get pregnant. Enjoy all the wonders that is Motherhood, 'cause I tell ya, I wouldn't know love unless I had a child. Just make sure you get help if you need it. Everything will be fine. Good luck!

Other Answers:
see if you can go without the prozac while you're pregnant. i had severe post-partum depression with my first child, so my dr. had me stay on prozac during my 2nd pregnancy. i can't say that i didn't have any ppd after he was born, but nowhere near as severe as the first time. talk to your dr. i did just read something today about prozac and pregnancy and some sort of risk they've found for the fetus---can't remember exactly what it was---something respiratory, i think. i believe i read it on ivilage. hope this helps.

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