some time hav pain in my left arm?!


Take note of what you do during the day. Maybe you're on the computer too long, or you write excessively (if you're left-handed). Something that puts stress on your left arm for extended periods of time can affect how it feels the next day. Even sleeping on it can cause such pain.

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Not to scare you: Women have different symptoms of heart attacks..including pain in arm, back, stomach, etc. If it gets worse, or continues, you should see the dr.

maybe its broken

that could be from very many things! go to a good med website and then call your doc. i've had 4 surgeries on hands and arms over the past 2 years.

if you ask me it is a sign of heart attack so i say GO SEE A DOCTOR

can be just cramps or muscle spasims really depends on what you have done before the pain started happening. If it hurts just randomly then it could be growing pains or a cramp. If you are suspicious about it and feel like it could be something worse then see a doctor.

Where on your arm? It makes a huge difference. If toward shoulder area could be fibromyalgia.

What kinda pain is it? Does it go all the way down?

Watch this ,if you have chest pain and pain goes down left arm, or you get sick to your stomach.
get to the ER right away, these are signs of a heart attack.

But if it's regular pain in may be the way your sleeping.

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