Why has my cutting back not helped?!

I've been trying to lose some inches around my stomach so I can look good for my upcoming banquet. I've cut sodas and fries out of my diet, which I used to get everyday at lunch, and the sodas more than once a day. It's been three weeks, and my scale says I've lost weight, but I don't look any different! Nothing has changed around my middle, so I'm really confused, what is going on?
If you are losing weight on the scale only, then you are burning muscle, not fat.
You must still be eating other foods that are bad for you, or you are not eating enough. If I need to lose weight for an occasion, I go stricter than that. Cut out ALL bad carbs, (sugar and white flour, as well as starches) and up your protein.
Sometimes you need more than 3 weeks to see a difference. If you kept your current plan up for 6 months, you will probably see a difference. I did weight watchers for 3 weeks (I was starving) and lost nothing! I now cut out bad carbs and eat primarily protein and my body seems to respond better to that.
Good luck finding what works for you!!

Other Answers:
you have lost mass, but not inches. you need to exercise to lose inches

If you've been exercising, you may have gained muscle which weighs more than fat.

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