Men, which is the best razor you have used? Also, do you clean it with cold or w!


Tried many but always go back to the Gillette Sensor Excel (with two blades). It seems to have just the right amount of lubrication and lasts for enough shaves to get good value for money. The 3-blade or 4-blade variants don't give better shaves as far as I can tell, and cost so much more.

My tip is to wash the face beforehand with a moisturizing liquid soap like Dove or Olay, and rinse with hot water before applying a shaving oil (preferably) or gel. Then pull the razor out of the fairly hot water in the sink and start shaving; when finished, rinse it under warm running water.

Other Answers:
Gillette Mach 3. Warm water.

Gilette Sensor.

The kind with only two blades.

Warm water.

mach 3 with warm water

My guyfriends use venus for men and gillette razors.
Me, Myself, and My Experiences.

the mach 4 and you want to use warm water, then cold to close out the pores

I have tried quite a few, mainly because I had a hard time finding a good one. I like the Gillette (sp?) Mache 3 or the Schick Quatro, the mache 3 being my favorite of the two, but both are good. I want to try the mache 3 power, but I don't know if that whole "battery making your facial hair stand up so its easier to shave" works or not. Warm water too.

A sharp one (brand doesn't matter too much as long as it isn't a cheap disposable).

Warm water but not too hot or you can burn yourself from the heat build-up on the blade (never managed that but i'm told it is possible).

Get face warm first is the tip of the day!

Mach 3 and warm water.I really don't need any more blades than 3,4 and up take off the first layer of skin.

Gillette Mach 3. It's awesome! I clean it with warm water.

my husband uses Schick and uses hot water

i use the new fusion razor i like the one blade that gets the tricky spots i take a hot shower then shave with hot water its supposed to be that way i wont get bumps if i do that

Mach 3 Power - thought that it would be just a gimmick thing, the vibrating blades and all, but it really worked better. ALSO, if you take the blades off, and use the handle end it makes a surprisingly good mini-vibrator, my girl friend will vouch for that as we tried it at the weekend.

Gillette is best.

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