Can a lack of sunlight cause depression?!

I think I've heard of something called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Yes, it can, SAD results from the shorter days in the fall, and generally lasts from fall to spring.

Other Answers:
It might speed up the process of depression but I don't think it can cause it.

I beleive it can. I live in Utah, and until a few weeks ago it was all cloudy and rainy everyday, and I felt depressed, just like nothing was going for me. The past few weeks however have been nice, warm, and sunny. I have been outside almost everyday for at least a couple of hours. It's been great!

a study was done on that, and i beleive it showed that alaska had the most suicides in the country because of the 6 months of little ot no sunlight. it was also said that they had a huge problem with depression during the dark winter. depression rises in almost every nothern state during the winter, because of constant cold and darkness.
something i watched on tv and almost paid attention to.

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