Do I still need a root canal?!

Last year (Yes i know..long time ago) my tooth REALLY hurt..and the dentists said I needed a root canal (I went to two)..however, after awhile the tooth stopped hurting and it is fine now.*KNOCK ON WOOD* (it has been a year already).should I still get a root canal? Will it still hurt? My cousin is a dentist and he said my tooth is still infected..just that my nerve is dead and it wouldn't hurt since my nerves are dead..I dunno if he is lying to me because he wants me to get my root canal done or what.? So!! I'm REALLY afraid of going to the dentists =(
i am a dental nurse and work with a holistic dentist who does not believe in pulling teeth unless you have too if i was you i would have the root canal done because if you dont you may lose the tooth and what can happen is the space where the tooth was if it was on the bottom the tooth on the top will gradually start to grow down to fill that space and cause problems with your bite. also the removel of a tooth causes less anatomical structure and can cause your arches to collapse because you have no stability if you decide not to have the root canal and have your tooth pulled i would make sure you replace the tooth with a bridge or implant to keep your bite and stability correct but im sure you can disscuss these options with your dentist or cousin the root canal option would probbley be less expensive though if your root is dead in the tooth it will not hurt . hope this helped

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You could end up gettin infection in there and an infection in your mouth can lead to the brain.I would suggest still getting it, otherwise they may have to do an extraction (pull it) which would be worse! If you're that scared of going to the dentist, talk to ur doctor about them giving you sometime to calm you down before hand. Such as valium, lorazapam, or xanax! Good Luck!

Well im 12 years old and i have had one and soon my tooth stopped hurting so in my opinion yes

Yes, you do need to consider still having a root canal. It is true that the tooth is still infected, and it is true that the nerve endings are probably dead, which is why you feel no pain. If you let the tooth continue with the infection, you will likely lose the tooth. Contrary to popular belief, root canals are no longer the most dreaded operation on dentistry. You will receive plenty of anesthesia, and it is really not that bad.

I wouldn't have a root canal done unless it was one of my front teeth. You can do the root canal and the chances are good that you'll have to have the tooth pulled anyway, even after the expenditure of mucho money.
I'd just opt to have it pulled and forget it when the time comes.

(Actually I still have all of my teeth)


Root canals don't hurt that bad.they have drugs to give you.and your cuz is's just that the nerve is dead (your tooth didn't get better).Go get it done.cause an infection in your tooth can cause blood infections and if left neglected .it can kill you .or at the very very a whole lot worse than if you had just gotten it fixed. M

ost likely you'll need a root canal and a crown since the tooth has been dead so long it's brittle and easy to break.

You can always find dentists that specialize in "fearful patients" (I know.I am one) and they give you pain meds so it doesn't hurt and they also gas you so you're asleep through the whole thing.

You know what's even scarier than the dentist?? Having gross broken rotten teeth .oh ya..and dieing from infection.that would be scary too..

Yup I'm afraid you do. the nerve just died but the infection is still there. If you don't do anything you could get an absus and loose the tooth for ever (at the very least). It really isn't that painful no worse than squeezing a pimple!

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