help my hair has been falling out for the last year, any real sound medical advi!


It could be stress, or medications that you are taking. Have you had your thyroid checked? Sometimes that can be the culprit, or maybe you have a condition called alopecia. Probably best to be seen by a physician, so something definite can be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

Other Answers:
Stress could be your first thought! Mine fell out tons before my wedding. Now it doesn't. Are you under any stressful situations. Also how old are you? Some women in their 50's loose hair becase of genetics.

Sometimes certain medications can cause hair loss.
Check with your Doctor if you are taking any prescription medicines. Check with him/her anyway.

It can be heriditary and also seasonal. Yes, like summer and winter. There is an alopecia foundation, not sure the exact name, plug it into the web and see what comes up.

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