i have three cyst in uterus and gyn.adviced contraseptive tablet but i have live!


No one should seek advice on youqa.cn as to what medication they should or should not be taking for a particular condition. If you are not comfortable with what your gyn has told you, get a second opinion.

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Yes ofcourse contracceotives devise dont often interfer with your liver but talk to your doctor first

you;re doctor should know what you can and cannot take, or else what kind of idiot do you have perscribing your meds?

You should ask (YOUR DOCTOR) somthin like dat y would u waist your time on the internet? A*S CLOWN

Everything you eat or drink has to pass through the liver sometime or other. If you have a liver problem you can take milk thistle seed and dandelion those herbs have been know to help.

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