I'd love to learn how to sleep with my eyes open. Has anyone mastered this tech!

I don't know if this can even be done, but I would love to take a nap right now at work.
Can't be mastered in 15 minutes sorry, you first need to train your eyes to stay open in the dark and let sleep take you and consiously keep your eyes open.

Other Answers:
Chuck Norris does this every night.

Scotch tape!

It can be done. What a creepy thing to do though. Weird.

Good luck.

lol I don't think you can do it on purpose. Some people are just like that.

yup ,dead people. but don't panic my dear weird friend, you can also use following techniques:
1) do something that will make you fall into a coma
2) do heroin, crack or opium
3) kill yourself and make sure nobody ever finds your body and that whatever you do , you do not harm your head.

I've been sleeping with my eyes half open since I was little. I've never tried to and only heard of one other person who sleeps like this. I dont know how (or why) someone would go about doing this on purpose.
I'm told it looks freakish. (But I dont know, Im alseep)

Naps at work - duck into the bathroom or empty office, or go somewhere you are working on research and bury your head behind a stack a files.

my brother does it he can sleep anywhere and his eyes appear open and if you didnt know you would think he is watching you.

It is a great day to be alive!!

Good luck and God Bless!!

might fool your boss but also might make chicks run away..

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