With the "possibility" of a bird flu pandemic, wouldn't it make sense!

border and make sure everyone who entered had a medical screening? With ILLEGAL entry there is no 'control' or medical screening for that or any other disease (HIV/AIDS, T.B.,etc.)
You Americans amaze me, what you are suggesting is totally racially predjudiced.

You should be more concerned with your rediculous passion for firearms and the possibility that an infected bird could be shot by one of your own.

How would you feel if all the hispanic workers ( and others) decided to take the same action with you, even include the rest of the world for that matter, how would you like it?

Other Answers:
NO! Where will we get our burritos??!? think about it!!

ok in all honesty yes it would, but that wouldn't be politically correct and our gov't is more concerned with appealling to a mass of people who can't vote and cause more harm to the country's infrastructure and ecomony than good, than they do about protecting it's own people.

it makes sense to do it regardless.

Well, if it originated from Mexico it would make sense, but I thought it originated in Asia..so sealing a Mexico/US border would seem pointless if an Asian carrying the virus on on their way over here by plane.

I totally agree! I think there is more of a chance of it coming from Mexico than any other direction.

It wouldn't be with just Mexico. What about all the other borders? Besides, the bird flu didn't start in Mexico.

The US can't stop illegal aliens, how the hell do you think they are going to test people going in and out. For every Mexican that enters the US legally there is one truck load of illegal Mexican coming in.
Border control, should = redneck with shot gun; this will fix the problem

Bird flu has nothing to do with Mexicans. i hope u know were HIV/AIDS really come from. and plz stop thinking from your A** thank you.

Well, probably not yet.

First of all, there is no current case of bird flu being transmitted from person to person. Since the current risk is of the flu being transmitted from birds to humans, and birds can fly, controling the entry of people across the border more tightly would not really stop anything.

Also, bear in mind there are no reported cases of bird flu in North America at the moment.

If bird flu becomes capable of being transmitted from person to person, the most likely way it will reach the US is by a passenger entering legally on an airplane who arrives here before they show symptoms.

Sadly, viruses know no borders, and if bird flu becomes an issue it only takes one carrier to bring it into the US.

There may be other reasons to tightly control the US-Mexico border, but this probably isn't one of them.

Yes cause very often these great countries tried to blocked the problem and lots of poeple may get contaminated innocently.
from me

What a novel excuse. Bird flu is transmitted by birds to other birds by migration, currently in areas contiguous with SE Asia, where it originated. It has occasionally lept to some humans who work closely with domestic fowl under less than ideal conditions, shall we put it, that have gotten it from wild birds.

All you are saying here is that, in addition to the other things you think are objectionable about Mexicans, you also think they are diseased.

The problem is that the wild birds now have the disease and you can't stop them at the border. That's one reason why they are having a hard time controlling the spread.

It might be a good idea to put a ban on **** fighting. These fighting rooster come from anywhere and everywhere with no regulations on whether they are disease infected or not then dumped where ever. Awful sport!

Mexico has been vigilant for years regarding avian flu, eradicating some outbreaks (though they haven't entirely eliminated it). And they've actually banned poultry imports from the US to Mexico due to our own problems with avian flu.

Some of the largest outbreaks have occurred in Italy (2000), the Netherlands (2003), and Pennsylvania (1983).

Avian flu was first noted in Scotland in the 50s, then in other countries including England, Germany, Pakistan and Australia. Large outbreaks weren't noted in Asian countries until the mid-90s.

Yes that should happen.

It will probably come in on a flight from Asia or with bird smugglers smuggling in exotic birds. Get your pneumonia shot and this
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