Looking for alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer , support groups and suv!


there is an herb that has been used to treat cancer that seems to do very well.
Pau D'arco
it has been proven to shrink tumors and has been used successfully for melanoma.
there are some other herbs that would help you, if you need more information contact me: widowmaker54@yahoo.com

Other Answers:
Unfortunately, there is very little to treat pancreatic cancer besides surgery. If your doctor has told you that surgery is not an option, I would strongly recommend seeing an oncologist to inquire about clinical trials that may be appropriate. There is no "herb" to treat pancreatic cancer, and delaying medical care may literally be the difference between life and death (if surgery is still an option).

There is a product called Ambrotose that can help you. I have lupus and I take ambrotose regularly and i have no problems. Ambrotose can help with cancer, it's not a cure but it gives you body the nutrients it needs to build up the immune system to fight the cancer. if you are interested you can e-mail me for more information, deepbluesinger@yahoo.com

There is also a group of alternative medicine doctors that treat cancer near the tropic of cancer in mexico. I knew someone who had great work done there. There is also another group in Santa Fe. I'm sorry I dont know their names or contact numbers, but you may be able to google "cancer" and the areas abouve.

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