i have been masterbating for 4 yrs @ avg of twice a day. is there any consequenc!


My grandmamma told me I'd go blind but I have been doing it for 9 years and I feel great.

The only cosequences would be Popeye forearms.

Other Answers:

how about carpal tunnel syndrome??


Embarrasment if anyone catches you, but other than that NO.

carry on

Yea, it might fall off

I am doing it for 14 years and still doing it.
No worries. Carry on. But dont force yourself.

y9u will get sick

Lots of satifaction. Consequenses, on the real side, depends on your age. But not likely.

you'll always feel tired, sleepy

Don't worry, if masterbating was supposed to hurt the men's health there wouldn't be a healthy men around. Oh, by the way all men were blind too.

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