Why are most of Americans over weight?------Is it too hard to control one's diet!


Frankly, yes, it's very hard. If you're pressed for time--fast food. If you're pressed for money--fast food. If you have no time to shop--fast food. If you can't cook--fast food.

People are also very uneducated about what exactly constitutes a healthful diet and a proper portion size. I know this is a big problem I have. Who thinks that a can of something might be two or more portions? You dump the can into a bowl, heat it up and eat the whole thing, right? Who looks at labels for serving sizes? No one.

Restaurant meals are often two or three servings--a serving of meat is 3-4 ounces or the size of your palm or a deck of cards. A steak in a casual restaurant like TGI Friday's or Chili's is 12 or 16 ounces-- three to four servings. A double Whopper is 8 ounces--two servings.

A serving of vegetables is 1/2 a cup and restaurants give you a cup or more of 2 vegetables. Basically it's a day's worth of food in one meal. Add in the 10 calories a sip from soda (more for liquor) and the dessert and appetizer and it's easy to see why people are overweight.

Other Answers:
its just too easy to be lazy

I think that most Americans fall victim to high-pressure schedules and choices that are overly processed and hold little nutritive value. People get home and are too tired to cook - let alone go to the store each day to buy fresh ingredients. It's a cultural issue, most Europeans eat fresh foods in moderate portions.whereas Americans eat much more than they need to (psychological, habit, or they're simply unaware).

Look at the food portions.
Everything's supersize this and grease that.
Aswell as Grease this and that.

the way our nation advertises unhealthy food is incredible. people love the way the junk food tastes and they have no self control. then on top of that they don't excerise!

Stop eating fast food and start by eating vegetable and fruits and excerise!

America is over weight because of the availability to eat unhealthy food. Fast Food restaurants and junk food are the major foods on one's menu. But I'm not preaching, i eat fast food like 3 or 4 times a week.it depends on when i work. lol! For some people it is hard to control one's diet because of the temptations, but being thin is in.so that drives some people to lose a lot of weight to look like models and celebrities. But if someone really wants to lose weight.i think they are capable of doing it!

1-food here is cheap
2-we don't move around enough
3-the foods we eat are filled with crap
4-people here can't control themselves

we are a very wealthy country and live an extragavant lifestyle of excess

we use stationary bikes to excercise

we can afford to eat when we please

also the fact that most adults have sedintary( a la office) jobs,

plus americas favorite pastime TELEVISION

20-30 mins a day of mild cardio is all it takes

get a dog and walk him daily lay off the trans-fat and simple carbs and you will be fine

Everybody were right. Lazy, stupid belief at ADs .

i love to eat

I've realized that in order to loose weight i have to literally throw away what I am given in a serving. Only half the candy bar, rice crispy treat or dinner.
In a "normal size" coffee cup I fill half with water and the other half with whatever other liquid ( chocolate, coffee,etc) because there is literally too much sugar and a regular cup is actually two cups combined.
It is harder than you think, we arnt gluttonous, we just have too much and its seen as standard.
I work out like crazy.an hour everyday and then about 20 mins before bed. When I dont work out I feel like crap as a person.
Not fat, but I constantly just want to be thin.
I wish I didn't have to do so much , but the pressure to be thin is killer.I almost decided to induce anorexia even though I was a health major in college.

actually The truth is people eat yunk food care about taste
don't care about their body and they don't do exercise so
they r going to be fat and they r not going to be thin if they eat yunk food and don't exersice

yea, look at our society. There's a freakin McDonald's around every corner and the fast food places completly changed the portion sizes. They made them huge and now most people don't even know that the portion size has been blown up. Restaraunts had to up their portion sizes too so they could keep up.

Hey, I think most of the people who answer this question are non-american. Because if the Americans are that intelligent to realize all those reasons, they would not be that fat and full of food/digesting related sickness/problems . to benefit the owners of all those yerky objects so-called Restaurants, then all the phamacies . in this country.

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