Are there any good hair products for curly hair (not expensive)?!

I have naturally curly hair. But, it rarely dries nice after taking a shower, even though I put frizz tamer in it, hence my hair is straight because I straighten it out with a big curling iron.

I would like to give my hair a chance to curl nicely, once in a while it does and it looks nice, but otherwise it usually dries in a million different directions! lol
Oh yeah! I LOVE "Loreal' Vive Curl Shaping Spray gel" put it from root to ends and then seperate hair by running your finger thru it and then flip your head over take a towel and scrunch into hair do this enough to were most of the wetness is out of it and I personally blow dry hair upside to make prettier curls but you can air dry.and it is sexy! curls all over..get at any Walmart for $2.69 were I live.
The more you do it the better they will look- PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Other Answers:
I have naturally curly hair.and first it is VERY important to have a GREAT conditioner. I LOVE BED HEAD products you can find them at any fine salon. I can occasionally find them at WALGREENS DRUG STORE!

my hair is the exact same way girl. i always straighten my hair. but the way i get rid of the curls is to scrunch it with moose or gel or something for curly hair

Try Thermasilk shampoo&conditioner for curly hair,also they have a leave in conditioner.Also Infusium products are greatthey are also sold at your nearest dept. stores!there are also many salon products you can get to hydrate your hair that are not so expensive.
My sister is a cosmotoligist

Bacon Grease works on mine. You gotta leave it on for a week or so to get it to take. Then take some bleach and a cup of paint remover.scrub it into the scalp..(Real Good) Now you are gonna be in a little pain afterward, so just grit your teeth and take it like a man. You'll like the look if you're still able to see anything when your done. Hope this has been helpful.

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