How do you answer this question in a pageant? "Why do you think you should!

Out of all of the outstanding pageants I have attended I have always wondered how I would answer if asked this quoestion! lol someone help me out a bit please
You would start off by saying gracefully ,how much this crown means to you. You feel that you have sincerely worked hard to get it and it would be an honor to have. You feel that it will help you further in the future and it genually means alot to you .Hope this helps shunnydunn

Other Answers:
Because i am supergirl and want to save the world of crime! LOL i have no idea.

I'm a decent girl who whats to grow up and become very successful i n the future by getting this crown it will help me be more of a women. { don't know it was the first thing in my mind}

Because it will fit my pretty little head so nice.

aw, i competed in the miss buffalo scholarship pageant (lost, but got miss congeniality, yay! lol) and we all were asked this question. i HATED it. the winning girl said something like "i believe i deserve the crown because i think i would make a tremendous contribution to our community as miss buffalo. i have plans to do (this and this and this) in the community, and am ready to carry out these plans.. blah blah blah." LOL
you're so pretty, btw, good luck!!

I would probably say something like this: I think I deserve the crown because I have put a lot of effort into this, and gave it my time and devotion. I would honor this moment for the rest of my life, and always cherish it. I will always be a good citizen for everyone out there who has voted for me and I promise to make everyone of you proud.

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