how to blow dry hair fast!?!

how can i blow dry my hair quickly and get it fully dry?
Use two hair dryers one in each hand!!

Other Answers:
Dont wet your hair.

towl dry it then blow dry it

towel dry relly well then blow try your hair

ok after u get out of the shower ring it out then blow dry

separate it into like 4 sections and do one at a time it gets dry much faster!! also dont use a brush or n e thing just comb through it with ur hands while u blow dry it.

Towel dry first, then make sure you put product on your hair to protect it from the heat. You can use jaw clips and section off chunky strands. Work your way up from nape of neck to crown of head, releasing chunky strands as you go. Always blow dry downward with the round brush or wide-toothed comb underneath the strand. Unless your hair's curly. Then you want to use a diffuser and speed can't be a factor.

Wait until it is halfway air dried. Then blow it dry.

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