Having a hard time finding raver, skater, and goth clothes?!

I like a unique style, a mix of many. But I have a hard time finding these types of clothing. I have checked ebay, i have looked on hottopic, synthetic, bwild. Any other website you can think of. I am also looking for nice jeans, more to the side of low rise, hip hugging, large bells. I seem to have a hard time finding these. If anyone can give me your personal favorites and recommendations, it would be great. Thank you very much.
hot topic, pac sun, torrid(mostly plus sizes tho), u can also check out the more 'preppy' stores and take their clothes and put them w/ your style

Other Answers:
Try looking in 1997 maybe you will find some there.

My first suggestion is to look in different thrift stores. Sometimes you can find things that could be altered to look a certain way. Also, buying simple things like tanks and embellising them is a good way to start. If you really wanted to get creative, I would also suggest investing in a sewing machine so you have make the things you wanted. Of course, this might be a little expensive, but you figure you'd save time from looking everwhere and the shipping and handeling costs you'd pay to have stuff delivered. Hope that helped.

you shouldn't care so much about putting yourself in a steriotype. if you really are a goth/skater/raver it will show no matter what you wear. i know a couple places but i don' wanna be the one who helped another wanna be

Dude, thrift stores. I know there aren't thrift stores in malls like there are Hot Topics (gag me with a spoon), but they are the best place to get clothes that stand out, no matter what the style.

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