why does my chest hurt and nose sting whenever I run or jog?!


where do you live? It IS winter and the air could be pretty cold and dry which will hurt in your mose when you breath hard. As for chest pains it could be a number of reasons but if u are just starting to run or jog then perhaps your body is just not used to it. Monitor yourself carefully, it might or might not be anything.

Other Answers:
First of all. What is your age? If your chest hurts you might be having angina (chest pains). If you are older and have cardiovascular risks you should probably see your doctor.

Have you just started jogging? It might be that your lungs aren't used to being fully used. When you normally breathe you don't take as many deep breaths as you do when you are running. I don't know about the nose stinging, maybe it's poor circulation since blood is pumping to vital area.

The first answer probably has some truth to it, but you might want to see your doc about your nose you could have a sinus infection.

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