i need a new hair style.?!

okay, i have hair down to the middle of my back. I dont wanna cut it though. Its really annoying cuz i always straiten it or scrunch it n wear it down. I need a new way of wearing it. Does anyone have any ideAS?
since it's long, you can wear it up in a french roll or in braids. get some pretty hair ornaments--do some age-appropriate up-dos

Other Answers:
i need one too

Lets all get new styles!

pls explain

get layers or smth

well first of all you need yo come to terms with cutting your hair. most woman have this misconception that longer hair is better,im not saying cutting it short,but do some research they sell many hairstyle magazines in supermarkets,you must also consider other factors,face shape,texture and hair thickness so good luck and do some research

Here in Hollywood, my clients who are young Hollywood Celebrities change their hair at least once a year. We call it hip, transformation in the fashion business. Darling, hair is meant to be cut, dyed, curled, twisted and sculpted. Be brave, find a great Senior Stylist dress your best and march in for an appointment. Change is good!

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