what's wrong if I have a fast resting pulse rate? My doctor says it's been like!


If your Doctor said it's been like that for 2 years, then why hasn't he or she treat you for it. He's the Dr who went to school for that and has the credentials

Other Answers:
It probably indicates a decline in your health. Try more exercise and vegetables. If this is a big problem, confront your doctor about it.

How fast is fast? Has your doctor done an ekg on you. It could mean that you have an underlying arrythmia. Get it checked soon.

no i donmt think you should be not concerned baout tht much it can be normal but to be on safe side your doc is ruleing out possible heart disease hope evrything will be fine

Several things could cause it. 146 is a pretty fast heart rate. Your doctor may also check your bloodwork too (thyroid problems can cause fast heart rates too). If it is not thyroid, your doctor may put you on a medication to lower your heart rate.
I'm a nurse practitioner.

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