How do you stop poison ivy from itching ?!


Take benedryl and use calamine lotion. You can also boil water, use a towel and get a wadded up end wet, then dab onto itching area. This sounds odd but works, be careful not to burn yourself with hot water.

Other Answers:
Go to Walgreens & get Calamine Lotion

it sound weird but pour vodka on it, it works!

RHUS TOX 30 the Homeopathic Remedy is made out of poison ivy I think a dose or two will anti dote the effect of poison ivy on your skin !
Law of Similars that's what Homeopathy is ! What can create it will always cure it in Infinitesimal dosage !!

An antihistamine, calamine lotion, cool bath without soap, ice cubes to very itchy spots, and cool compresses.
I'm a registered nurse.

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