A really awkward question: I am embarassed by the bulge in front of my pants!?!

Actually, I'm an office-going guy---21 years old..and have not THAT big secret-organs-pack, and I use "briefs" with it,..but still, while wearing dress pants in the office, when I sit on the chair in the office, there appears a big bulge in front of my pants. My female colleagues often notice it and sometimes even criticize on it!.tell me what should I do?.I have tried "boxers" but they are too heavy and I dont look smart with them!...Expectin. a quick serious reply from you people!
wear darker pants. the bulge won't be as obvious as it was. and i think it's your pants' zipper that has a problem.i'm a female, but some of my pants sort of "curl" up at the zipper part,and they make me look lke i have a male's organ.anyway, if you're going to buy new pants, see the fit first. trying sitting/squatting in the fitting room to see if it would bulge.

Other Answers:
I love it when I catch people starring at mine. HAHA.. Makes them feel a little uncomfortable.. hahaaha

my mom critizeses my bulge, so its normal, just rool with it.

And you expect a "smart" look with your bulge? You are being looked at as a horn dog at your office. To stop feeling embarassed, you have to take drastic measures. How about, wearing a baggier dress pants? If you don't want to do that, how about just sitting really close to your desk? It seems to me that you are being harrassed at work - you should report them as a sexual harrassment, unless you like the comments..

I am a bigger dude so I can't really say that I have experinced that kind of attention as much of a problem.

Take it as a compliment! If your co-workers think your penis is bigger than it actually is..good for you! Keep the story alive! HA ha ha! hell ya! Run with it.

the dress pants "pup tent"? There are many cuts of dress pants. If its that big of an issue, try on lots of pairs of pants before you buy. Don't just buy on cost or name alone.

Why do they criticize?? They should not be looking there during a business meeting. or at least they should pretend not to notice. If people are making comments (and if you truly are trying to be businesslike), then tell them to cut it out. If they don't, talk to HR.

The person who mentioned the cut of your pants is absolutely right! You've obviously got some pants that are cut in a very unflattering way. I'm a girl and I can speak from my own experience and from my friends. even WE sometimes manage to get a pair of pants in our closet that gives us an unsightly bulge that looks remarkably like a massive "package" NOT a good look! You need to go to the stores and different pants on until you find a type that works for you and then buy a bunch!

wear pleated pants and do nto care so much
if they say something, mention soemthign abotu them, or go to HR. this is discrimination or they are jaleous and want u in bed.

You can maybe try covering it up by wearing longer shirts that will cover up your stomach. Cute shirts such as tunics can be worn over your stomach, and still be really sexy.

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