I have really bad burping, nausea, vomiting and cramps.?!

I have had the burping and nausea for 2 weeks or so. Over Easter I had a stomach bug. My period is suppose to be coming soon, but I have some cramps, so I dont think I am pregnant. ANy suggestions as to what it is?
It's probably still that stomach bug. But I don't know why it would be lasting this long. I had the same thing a few weeks ago but it was only 24 hours which is generally the way these things run.

Do you have chills or fever? Do your bones ache? If so, you may have the flu,

Regardless, I would go to a physician. You shouldn't still be feeling bad.

Other Answers:
Just because you have cramps it does not mean your period is necessarily coming. If you have an ectopic (tubular) pregnancy you could still have cramps, nausea and vomiting. You need to check with your doctor as soon as possible. It may still be just a bug, but I wouldn't wait. (Especially if there is any way that you could be pregant.)

I think it is stil the stomach bug that hasn't left you yet. If you are worried, call your docter!

Please go and see your gp. There really is not enough info to go on but you could be pregnant if active. If not then you could have some bug.Most of all if you are not use to eating something and then all of a sudden stuff yourself with certain types of foods you can have these problems. I have them when I eat alot of seafood and dark chocolate.. all of those symtoms plus the runs .. goodluck lol. But plz see ur gp and let me no how it goes.

Most pregnancy causes craming, especially during implantation, which can also cause spotting, giving the illusion of a period, early pregnancy symptoms are gas, bloating, nausea ( with or without vomiting ) swollen tender breasts, darkening of the nipples, irritibility, and frequent urination. Pregnant women may get some, all or none of these symtoms, and they will vary with each pregnancy, if you had intercourse between the 12th and 16th day after the first day of your last period, and you are due for your period within the next four or five days, a test would be a good idea, a really good idea, especially if any of these other symptoms are present.

When youare not sure about something it is always best to verify. You should know exactly when your period is due and you should have an idea if you are pregnant because of your sexual activity.The doctor is going to ask you these questions in order to be able to help you. If your stomach bug was over two weeks ago then this problem might not be related to it. Go see the doctor please.

you could still be prego but since you were sick dont' freak out if your period is late because being sick can still do that.

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