Will my root canal hurt if I put it off for a year already and the tooth is alre!

My tooth is dead already..I don't feel any pain but my cousin (who is a dentist) said my tooth is still infected. Will it hurt because I put it off for so long? Or will it not hurt since my tooth and possibly my nerves are dead already?
Also, someone told me if I put it off I might get Asses.or whatever scary disease that is.is it true?!! The reason I put it off for so long is because my tooth doesnt hurt and so I lost the courage to go get it checked.
thank u!
Don't put it off, have it done as soon as you are able. One of two things can happen. there is tissue inside your tooth called the "root" it's actually the nerve. When a tooth dies the nerve will basically just rot away and could potentially become infected which is painful. Or, the tooth will "calcify" and you will have to go to a specialist to have the procedure done. Root canals are really not as bad as people make them out to be.

Other Answers:
I put one off for 2 years and ended up having to go to a specialist to have it done because my dentist could no longer find the roots. It cost twice as much.

Ask your dentist

If it is infected then he must have some evidence like an X-ray or he sees a fistula. Generally Teeth that are non painful at the begining of a root canat do better that those with active infections or history of recent infection pain.

good luck
Don't forget you'll need a crown afterwards

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