how do i dye my hair a rockabilly look?!

i really want to look more retro i want to dye my natural hair a deep dark brown-not black (rockabilly chicks know what i mean) and then highlight the sides blonde (ever heard of the horrorpops?-the lead singers hair except not the bettie bangs)- i have very curly thick hair and i havent dyed my hair since i was like 16 should i have it done proffessionally- im afraid to cause no one understand what i want. or what do the girls think? i need real help i look like crap and im dying for a rockabilly/retro look. please help!!
i have my hair just like that only its completely bleach blonde with black streaks

its really hard to maintain if you can't afford to spend $100 at the salon every month

but im kindof a perfectionist when it comes to hair

i say definatly go to a salon, because if you dye your hair that dark yourself and try to bleach the streaks there is a chance you wont separate the hair correctly and you'll end up with less than perfect streaks

depending on the thickness and length of your hair and your location be willing to spend a chunk of change

as pre the guy above.
you dont have to do extentions
but if you want your hair to look exactly like hers, you may want to
but that will be $$$

good luck girl

Other Answers:
bleach it

go to a professional and tell them you want the style that ginger spice from the spice girls had and just tell them the colors you want. or just take a picture and explain what you want.

The simplest way would be to take a picture of Patricia (Horrorpops) to a stylist and say "I want that" or whatever :)

I would recommend getting some pics of hair similar to what you want and scoping out a good stylist. If you know any chicks whose hair you admire, even if you wouldn't necessarily want to do it to yours, ask them where or how they get their hair done. Referred stylists are always best. If you cannot get some referred to you. Just go into a salon and ask the receptionist about some of the stylists. Believe it or not, some stylists even keep books, before and after pictures, of styles they have done.

Get Revlon Colorsilk Permanent Hair Coloring of the shade you want. Colorsilk "grabs" doesn't slide off. Then get a highlighting kit and do painted strands of hair. Probably put foil around each strand so it doesn't highlight surrounding hair in a funky way. Then use a good conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

i have my hair colored like hers but blue not blonde. just grab the side and bleach (then color if you want) or go have it done. its not that hard to do at home if you dont have the money or dont trust people with your hair.

yea that look is super cute. you need to scope out salons (don't concern yourself with price, you've gotta resolve to pay what it takes to finally get the results you want cuz you can't do it yourself honey). Depending on where you live, a Toni and Guy salon or somewhere more upscale will have more funky, younger stylists that would be most likely to understand what you're looking for. and yes google some good Horrorpops-chic pix so you can help the stylist understand what you want with images to go from. K?! good luck

just a little fyi patricia does wear hair extentions, and she also wears fake bangs too
i dunno about always, but in some of the videos it's obvious

my rockabilly male opinion would be to dye it black with the bleach blonde rather than brown
like patricia has it

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