any information of side effects of inhaling xanax and seroquel?!

a friend started crushing and inhaling seroquel and xanax, i am worried about her and the side effects. I cannot find anything online that deals with this problem. any information would be helpful.
thank you
You'd be better off swallowing the stuff because it doesn't get absorbed through the membrane in your nose the way cocain does. Only the amount that gets down into your stomach will get into your bloodstream which is about 60% or so. Tell your friend that snorting the pills will make her feel like a cool drug addict but those in the know will chew the pills up and hold them under your under their tongue for a few minutes to get the the full and fastest effects.

Other Answers:
Well. I am clean and sober now but I wasnt always. Generally the side affects will be the same as the meds. Snorting, smoking, shooting just makes it faster to absorb into your body. But I would watch for nose bleeds, shallow breathing, and ashy pale skin. If any of that occurs take her to the hospital immediately.

also seroquel is now linked to diabetes and all sorts of problems for people who are prescribed the meds and taken them correctly.
I understand though I am going to rehab for a year next week for alcohol and pills.
maybe looking for help would be a good idea.
good luck

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