Whats the best and easy hairstyle for a 12 year old girl that only takes 10-15 m!


I have straight hair and my cut is very easy to style. I have It shorter in the back slanted to the front.n It's easy because the back is short enough that you don't have to style it. It just lays where its cut. the back is the hardest to style.

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what kind of hair do u have straight wavy thick thin wat?

A fringe will be the simplest.

If you like longer hair, have some long layers put throughout. The longer it is, the more styling you will need to do to have it look nice. Shoulder length and above are the most low maintenance and a cut that is shorter in the back and longer in the front (as previously suggested) is a great way to have a modern, fashionable look with little effort. For any style of straight hair, flip head upside down and blow dry until 80% dry. Flip head right side up and use a round brush to smooth and shape. A little mousse put on before blow drying will work wonders. This type of styling only takes 10-15 min and looks good all day.
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straight hair
short hair-pull 2 low pig tails (the ones that lay by ur shoulder) let a lil bang hang loose

shoulder lenght- get some bangs(med. thick ones) and part them from the side let them hang loose then pull your hair in the half pony tail then secure the bangs behinde your ears

straight or wavey
long or shoulder length hair- with brushed wet hair flip head over put mousse in palm of your hair and scrunch do that several times (if you want add some gel but not alot) then add some hair spray then scrunch again flip head and hair back then part it add some hair spray all over your hair and scrunch keep doin that every couple min. till your hair is set then let your hair set wen your hair is bout dry add hairspray and scrunch again to add body if you want in the middle of your head pull about 2 inches thick of hair back and pin it back(make sure your hair is wet but not soaked or it will take longer)use a defuser to speed up the process (you can get on by buyng a new hair dryer its like a circle with rubber or plastic spikes)

short- just add a stylish head band n go

med length- staighten it or straigthen it then experiment with it the night before to create a stylish look

a ponytail

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