whats the best hair products?!

ok heres my problem.i have dark brown hair and my split ends show really bad. i use a hair dryer and straightner every day b/c my hair is really wavy and i dont like it. i know my split ends are caused by heat damage but what hair products help reduce split ends? PLZ HELP
use coconut oil(for hair) get it from an indian store

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there is some pantene stuff i think it's call thermo sumthin it works really well, heat makes the stuff work so yeah you might want to check that out, i use hair oil though like liv that works well.

All of Pantenes products as well as Palmolives have worked miracles for me, I get the same problems as you.

No one product works the same on everybody hair.
I beg you Do Not use Dawn dish soap on your hair.
There is no product to fix split ends. They have to be cut off. Any cream, lotion, spray etc will only smooth the hair down.
That would be like trying to bring a dead leaf back to life on a plant. Never Happen.
40 years of doing hair

don't wash your hair everyday, chances are if u have natually wavy hair, its a little dry, you don't have to wash it everyday. buy a shower cap this save a lot of time, and is so much better for your hair. when u iron your hair, always use a protectant, i like treseme heat tamer, its conditioning and makes my hair soft and shiny. good luck!!

make sure to trim your ends every 6 to 8 weeks, also use a flat iron that is ceramic not metal, they're less damaging. A good product to use is silk therapy by biosilk.

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