How do girls dress and act to become a vixen?!


Dressing provactivly can turn you into a whore.

To be a Vixen, you need to show just enough to make the boys wonder, but cover the rest and make them want more.

When I want to be Vixenesque, I dress in something form fitting, but loose near the bottom (Perhaps a flirty dress?) I think that high heels with ankle straps are completely sexy, and when you approach someone, speak in soft, subtle tones, perhaps smokey eyes or subtle makeup generally.

Walk smoothly, flowing with grace and fluidity, and walk in a completely straight line, almost heel-toe. It forces the hips to raise unnaturally and causes more of a hipswing.

Other Answers:
They show a lot of skin.

dress very provactive

if you have to ask, you will never be one.. its about confidence

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