give some advice to cure headaches?!

i have frequent headaches from past 6-7 years. i gone for many treatments but no treatment give me a long term relief
i tried many medicines which give some temporary relief but it start again after a weak or month.. what kind of these headaches i am suffering from? and any permanent way to get rid of it without medicine like with any other therapy which not include medication.
I am just like you,the meds will take the edge off but the naggin pain is still there.I have learned to continue life and work around my headaches.There is no cure.unfortunately.

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I would go to a wide range of different doctors, if you haven't already. It seems that doctors are very specialized in their fields of expertise and may not know about other fields of research that another type of doctor might now about.

i get migraines sometimes the best thing is when you feel it coming on drink some caffeine and relax without sunlight or bright lights for a bit

that works for me :)


Try rubbing a Vicks Vapor Rub on your head, and take advil with some coke.

Get your blood pressure and heart fully checked.If its okay then check your routines.Good sleep,proper food and relaxation is necessary if you suffer from headache.

Simple Advice,,,buy a Good Looking Pistol and make urself target where is ur Head aching, and with the help of ur index finger jerk the knob,,,and then everthings fine
have a nice head aching!!.

Sorrry!!but i m in mood of mischief,,,sorry again!
the best resolution is to consult ur physician.

I used to have never-ending headaches for years. For me I just started drinking a TON of water. Drinking water cured me, because MY problem was Lymphatic blockage. I hate the taste of water so I quit drinking it. And that was the start of my problem.
Maybe that's yours? Do you drink a lot of tea, coffee, or soda? That can really block your Lymph. If you think this may be the reason go see a Nutritionist like I did.
Good luck!:)

i think that you should try going to a specialist.there may be something else wrong such as sinus problems..if that is the case, you may need a treatment completely different from what you had before.



I HATE HEADACHES, i suffer from migraines and other types of headaches as well

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