How can a person increase their lung capacity other than not smoking and other a!


Yoga breathing exercises and the inhalation of medicinal herbs.

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The only way I can think of, and definetly the best way, is exercise. Also, living at higher altitudes also eventually, after years and years, gives you a larger lung capacity.

try singing submerged in water up to your neck.

Spending lots of time above 20,000 feet.

Deep breathing exercises Such as one they teach in music school. Take the deepest breath possable and hold it for 10 seconds and exhale very slowly, try hissing as you exhale and try to hiss as long as you can and time it. then work you way to holding your deepst breath for 20 seconds and then 30 and so on

The 6th of the Tibetan Rites may help to expand your lungs.
Cordially, India.Magica
The 6 Tibetan Rites, Rejuvenation Exercises, Cosmic LeafTM No. 1,, Products, download, $3

Easiest way blow up balloons. Walk up and down the stairs a few times a day for a month or two. By that time, you're in shape enough to go walking in the mall.

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