what are some different kinds of bad drugs?!


Crack, PCP (Angel Dust), and meth. They destroy your body and leave you addicted.Ecstasy can be risky because you never know exactly whats in it (Some people put horse tranquilzers in it). Heroin is a bit dangerous too, just because of the overdose risk and you get addicted to that pretty strongly as well. Thats all the really dangerous ones I can think of right now.So stay away from those, hope that helps you.


Other Answers:
Bad drugs? Can you be more specific?

crack, cocaine, heroine, angeldust

marijuana, cocaine, lsd, heroin, some people take amphetamines (amphetamines) to get high, some barbituates (downers).here you look.http://www.ncbuy.com/health/drugs/list_drugs.html

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