Any of you do home facials?!

Please tell we what you do and what you use. I asked a question about professional facials, but got no responses, so you must be doing this at home-------
I use oatmeal (because i have oily skin) I found it on a web page it works good mix it with some coconut milk (this is good for a moisturizer) it will be thick but it should be leave it on for about 5mnts. not long and then wash it off with warm water try it, i do it maybe once every two or three weeks. Good Luck!!

Other Answers:
I used Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask. Its for oily skin. It rocks! (And is super cheap!)

I use Marcelle cream and facecloths.

I give women facials all the time.

Hy sure do...give ur face a gud massage with apricot scrub for at least 5/8mins,then wipe off and apply a massage with dove loation again 5/8mins. after dat u need to giv it some good steam,if u dont have the steamer jus boil water, put it in a tub and cover ur face n make sure no air goes out for at least 10mins.pat dry and apply the face mask the lime with corriander is suitable or cucomber mask, best results next day.

Here are the steps that I use when doing a facial:
1. First you need to clean the skin with an astringent to cleanse off any makeup or oil from your skin.( I use Clean and Clear for sensitive skin)
2. Then you use a cleansing cream to wash your face with (Noxema works very well and they have a variety of different kinds depending on your skin type)
3. Next you can either use a face mask or an exfoliant. Face masks work well for oily skin and deep clean your pores vs. an exfoliant that cleans dead skin cells and make your skin very soft
4. Next you want to use the astringent one last time and then use a light moisturizer.
*I have found that Walmart is a good place to go shopping for these items for inexpensive
performed facials at beauty school

first, clean your face really well then depending on whether you want an exfoliating facial, or a nourishing facial I have two home recipes I use. they are
Exfoliating: For sensitive skin- very gentle- 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp honey 1 tsp plain yogurt
Mix well, apply to face, leave on approx. 10 minutes, rinse with warm water

Nourishing: 1/2 avocado peeled and mashed or pureed really well. apply to face, leave on til it dries, rinse off with warm water. the fatty acids in the avocado will remoisturize dry skin

Never use hot or cold water, only use warm or cool and it is best to do the facials in the evening time and not in the morning.

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