I'm aisan and I was born in America but my crush thinks I'm aisain and does'nt s!

Can somebody email me at bunnietran@yahoo.com and tell mewhat to say.
Sounds like your crush is a little on the ignorant side and needs to be educated. What an idiot. You need someone a little less ignorant.

Other Answers:
Well if you don't hate yourself you should tell him to get lost.

I would think if you were asian, you'd be able to spell it.

Well, first learn how to spell Asian. Like the previous person said, your crush is ignorant and stupid. Perhaps you should get a new crush.You're Asian, you can do so much better.

It sounds like your crush really doesn't believe you and that he might never believe anything you say. So you tell him to believe whatever he wants because you know what you are and you don't have to prove anything to him because it is true.

I think that your crush needs some education. Your ethnic heritage can be of Asian descent and you can be born in America. You are then a US citizen by default since you were born on US soil. That doesn't necesarily change who you are. PS If he doesn't want to believe you, is he worth caring about? Where's the trust?

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