what equipment for bench press?!


You don't need a bench or a bar. If you don't have one, that's fine. You can simply use the floor and soup cans or something heavier. There is no need to go past the horizontal if you're a beginner.

Here's some exercises to get you started:

Other Answers:
weights..a bench.and a bar!

The previous poster is somewhat correct. You need a sturdy bench and some weights. You can get a barbell and dumbells as a set for value. Also, they might sell the bench with a barbell and/or dumbells. I personally got a barbell with dumbells for about $80 bucks. I got it about eight years ago and I am still using it!

You can bench press two ways. You can use dumbells which I think is a little better at stabilizing your shoulders since you are moving each arm individually. Or you can use the barbell which is good too but can sometimes hide weakness in your non-dominate shoulder/arm. I personally like to mix it up and use both.
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